Within the New York Mercantile Exchange’s former home at World Financial Center, SKYLIGHT ON VESEY offers proximity to New York’s bustling World Trade Center and rare access to a trading floor never before activated for events. 30K square feet of column-free space, ceilings 40 feet high, and ancillary office and breakout rooms represent an unprecedented opportunity to create expansive and immersive activations in the heart of Lower Manhattan. On the same floor where entrepreneurial financiers once made their futures, creators are invited to build their own innovative experiences.


  • Former trading floor, never before activated for events, offers 30K square feet of column free space

  • Ceilings 40 feet high over a footprint with capacity for 1,000 guests

  • Located in prime Financial District location, accessible by all major transit lines, including ferries

  • Turn-key amenities, including HVAC, restrooms, break out rooms, and 900 amps of dedicated power