To combat the perception of hyper-commercialism and ground The Shows in authenticity, WME/IMG sought a partnership with Skylight to move the official New York Fashion Week shows from the tents at Lincoln Center to unexplored downtown spaces that represented the history and fabric of New York City, making Skylight Moynihan Station and Skylight Clarkson Sq the official homes of NYFW. Through this strategic partnership with WME/IMG, Skylight catapulted Moynihan Station and Clarkson Sq to become household names, garnering more than 8 billion media impressions for the developments that hosted these fashion event.



  • “We’re looking forward to reintroducing the industry to a showcase of creative talent, style and innovation that made the New York runways famous. Part of this showcase involves staying close to inspirational hubs for fashion, art and music, and we’ve found a great new home for that in Skylight at Moynihan Station and Skylight Clarkson Sq.”  - Mark Shapiro, President, WME/IMG

  • “Skylight’s venues add permanence and meaning to an event many Americans still see as superficial. They make New York fashion week a culturally significant bi-annual occurrence.” - New York Observer