Skylight identified the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower & Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood as ripe for activation potential before the neighborhood was the vibrant cultural destination it is today, and prior to the 2012 opening of Barclays Center, the premier entertainment and sports arena & home of the Brooklyn Nets. A curated roster of strategic event programming and high profile events helped to raise the building’s community profile by generating revenue, while proving use as retail space.



  • Inaugural Smorgasburg food market for 5 seasons, attracting 20-30k visitors each weekend and 10M Instagram users familiar with One Hanson who would otherwise have had no knowledge of the space

  • Placemaking efforts created an identity that ultimately paved the way for Apple and Brooklyn Academy of Music to establish outposts in the neighborhood



  • “The building has kept its identity and soul. It is an architectural gem, a best kept secret in New York. Skylight One Hanson is a landmark in the heart of artistic Fort Greene. The façade of the historical building gives a distinct architectural quality to the neighborhood. Every day hundreds of people pass by the building; the visual qualities of this exceptional building sets a very high standard of architectural consciousness.”

    – Ahmet Ertug, Architect and Historical Heritage Photographer