SKYLIGHT ONE HANSON is an Beaux Arts masterpiece that can accommodate both large and small events. Located inside the former Williamsburgh Savings Bank Clock Tower, one of Brooklyn’s most famous landmarks, the building's spectacular details and soaring 63-foot ceilings tell the story of New York’s past through iconography, mosaic murals, carved teller stations, and 22 kinds of marble.

The breathtaking space has been perfectly restored and offers several unique areas to accommodate a variety of events as well as editorial and film opportunities. The minimalist original Vault serves as the perfect contrast to the museum-worthy intricacies of the Main Hall, while the Mezzanine provides an intimate environment with striking windows that are 40-feet high.



Main Floor is 15,000 square feet  |  Mosaic of the zodiac & night sky adorn ceilings 63-feet high |  40-foot high sculptured windows provide amazing natural light  |  Mezzanine space of 4,200 square feet  |  Private, exclusive entry  |  Capacity of up to 1,000 guests  |  Large Catering Area and Green Rooms  |  Historic Landmark  |  Marble floors with 22 types of Italian marble  |  Located in Fort Greene, next to BAM

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